Why can I only pre-order?

MIDICRAFT is a startup and I am responsible for it with my name. My resources are limited and I want to manufacture and deliver every device in the best possible quality. Since the demand is greater than the prudction volume,  I can only accept pre-orders. You can do this via the shop.

When are the pre-orders delivered?

The current production and delivery quota for the first half of the year is 300 pieces.

The following completion and delivery dates are planned:

100 pcs. Shipping until 29.02.20
50 pcs. Shipping until 31.03.20
50 pcs. Shipping unti 30.04.20
50 pcs. Shipping until 31.05.20
50 pcs. Shipping until 30.06.20

The delivery quota for the second half of the year is again min. 300 pieces.

The orders are processed in the order in which they arrive. I am working on increasing the production numbers. If I succeed, devices (if paid for) will of course be delivered as soon as possible.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer to my bank account or with PayPal. You will find the payment information on your invoice.

When do I get the payment information?

After your order has been received, I will check it and send you an invoice and a note with the expected shipping date. You have to pay your invoice within 14 working days to secure your place in the order sequence.

Please make sure you can receive the emails from shop@midicraft.de. If in doubt, check your spam folder.

What happens if I do NOT pay within 14 working days?

If you do not pay your invoice within the specified payment term of 14 working days, your pre-order will slide back in the order sequence until the amount has reached my account.

Is it possible to purchase on invoice?

No, currently only prepayment is accepted. Payment in advance guarantees me that you really want the devices and also helps me to cover the material costs for the production.

Is there a volume discount?

No, no volume discount is currently offered.

I am a dealer and I am interested in offering your products in my shop.

Englisch Please contact me at info@midicraft.de. There we can discuss whether cooperation makes sense.

Do I need a VAT ID to order?

No, this is optional. Commercial customers can store a valid VAT ID in their account to order items within the EU using the reverse charge process. Commercial customers from Germany will always be charged VAT.

From which countries can I order?

In the shopping cart you can check which countries are currently sold to. If your country is not there, just send me an email to info@midicraft.de and I will see if shipping is possible.

Why are the products cheaper when I order outside of the EU?

For orders outside the European economic area, no sales tax is shown on the invoice. The prices shown in the shop are net prices.

Who pays the customs fees for international shipping?

You have to take care of import customs clearance in your country. Please find out which documents your local customs authority needs. For orders that are returned to me due to customs problems, only the purchase price excluding the shipping costs and processing fee of 25 € will be refunded.

I don't like the products. Can I return it?

Non-commercial Customers can return products with your right of withdrawal within the first 14 days after receiving the order in the original packaging. f the devices are damaged or show signs of wear, the costs for restoring the original packaging will be deducted from your refund amount.

You have to take care of the return shipping yourself. For international returns, please contact me beforehand. info@midicraft.de

As a commercial customer, you are not entitled to the right of withdrawal. If you are still unsatisfied, just contact me at info@midicraft.de and we will try to find a solution.

Do I get a tracking number?

As soon as your order is handed over to DHL, you will receive an email with the tracking number of your shipment.

What is the estimated shipping time?

Experience has shown that the shipping time for DHL within Germany is 2-3 working days.

I currently have no experience with shipping in the EU and internationally. As soon as these are available, I will submit them here.

For international customers, I recommend shipping with DHL Express.

There is a wrong part in my order or something is missing!

Sorry! That should not happen.
In this case, write me an email to info@midicraft.de and I will solve the problem as soon as possible!

Your question was not answered?

Send me an email to info@midicraft.de with your request and I will try to find a solution to your problem as soon as possible.